Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Country Road

This new original painting theme is from a mid-western series I have been working on emphasizing the Surreal aspects of nature and landscape. I am working to capture the quality of sunset and light at evening in the country. The size is 24 X 30 on canvas with the 1 1/4 sides painted ready to hang.


  1. Thank you for hearting my Etsy shop. Your paintings are very well handled ... I feel a sense of loneliness when I look at them ... perhaps that is the subject and colors or it could be because there is no sign of life, no people or animals ... have you ever thought of placing even a small animal in the paintings?
    You have sold several paintings ... keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Teri:
    You are very perceptive. Most of my paintings are along the same theme as my photography, which is the sublime or surreal, and
    emphasizes the dominance of nature. I may from time to time include some evidence of man, such as the telephone poles or, as you refered to, a figure which may in some ways increase the sense of isolation. Your comments are very intelligent and instructive. Thank you.